VerdEnergia was founded in 2006 by a small group of initial investors. We bought the land with the intention of building a cooperative farm in order to secure a healthy future for ourselves and our children, independent of destructive corporate systems and governments. We soon after received a grant from the government of Costa Rica in association with the Co-Op in Puriscal to plant 35 small farms with Jatropha trees for the production of biodiesel and soap. We have received a number of grants so far and have since planted over 150,000 trees in our local area. We now have over 50 investors in our cooperative and hundreds of friends and allies around the world. In early 2015 we secured our watershed by purchasing the land above VerdEnergia and have continued our massive food-(re)forestation project up the mountainside and into what is now called Shangri-Lanas.

About Us

Since 2006, we have been working to repair destroyed cattle land into a food forest in one of the most deforested areas of Costa Rica. We experiment with ideas and practices that serve our land base and communities while withdrawing legitimacy from the unsustainable structures and habits of our cultures. We aim to transform today’s convergence of global crises into opportunities to unite, educate, and co-create a more conscious, just, and abundant way of life for ourselves and generations to come.


Our vision is the end of destructive corporate dominance. We envision diverse, empowered, conscious communities sharing the abundance of a healthy and balanced planet in our lifetime.


VerdEnergia is doing its part to make this vision a reality by working towards these goals:

  • To reforest damaged land into a food and energy forest, thus establishing a suitable, healthy, and biodiverse habitat for humans, animals and plants.
  • To protect the land and watershed from foreign and/or short-sighted interests.
  • To create a duplicable model for responsible land and watershed management for diverse human cultures.
  • To establish and sustain a free school to foster environmental awareness and revolution around the world.
  • To create an opportunity for like-minded individuals and groups to divest from unconscious, destructive systems and reinvest in conscious systems that empower communities, value and protect ecosystems, and create a shared abundance on our planet.
  • To provide opportunities for local micro-enterprises and cooperative land ownership with local partners.
  • To co-create and participate in the growing net of sustainable communities in Costa Rica and around the world.