Please consider the sections below while planning your trip. If you have any other questions you don’t see answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Daily Life and Basic Needs
What is daily life like at VerdEnergia?
Where will I sleep?
Can I have a double bed/private room for my partner and myself?
What do I do about my monthly cycle?
How do I wash my clothes?
What kind of cosmetics/toiletries can I bring to the finca?
Is there hot water at the farm?
Will my computer/other device be safe at VerdEnergia?
What if I’m not that good at Spanish, will I be okay?
Neither English nor Spanish is my first language; will I be okay?
What kinds of farm animals live at the finca?
What kind of wildlife does VerdEnergia have?
Expectations, Community and Participation
What do you grow at VerdEnergia?
What is expected of me as a participant?
What is a participant? Is it the same thing as a volunteer?
What is it like to live in a community? Will I fit in?
Can I bring my children? Is VerdEnergia family-friendly?
Will my religion/culture/sexual orientation/gender identity be accepted at VerdEnergia?
Can I become a shareholder at VerdEnergia?
I am a student. Can my time at VerdEnergia count for school credit?
What to Bring
What kind of clothes do I need to bring?
Do I need to bring my own sheets/pillow/blanket/towel?
What are some other important things I need to bring to VerdEnergia?
Can I bring any extra things to help out VerdEnergia?

Food and Allergies
Will I be well-fed at the finca? What kind of food do you eat?
I’m a vegetarian/vegan/have a food allergy! Will I have acceptable food to eat?
What do I do about snacks?

Financial Information
Why do I have to pay in cash? Why can’t I use Paypal?
Can I get a discount on my stay?
What happens to my money if I have to leave early?
If I decide not to take a course or workshop I have already paid for, can I get my deposit back?
How much spending money should I bring?
Does VerdEnergia accept donations?

Medical Precautions and Safety
Do I need to get any vaccines to be at Verde?
I have a medical condition, will I be okay?
Will I be safe at VerdEnergia? What do I need to know about staying safe in the jungle?
Does VerdEnergia recommend that I purchase travel insurance?
Farm Policies
What is the trash policy at the farm?
What is the alcohol/substance policy at the farm?
What is the smoking policy at the farm?
What is the cleaning policy at the farm?
What is the electricity policy at VerdEnergia?
Is there internet access at VerdEnergia?
Are there quiet hours at VerdEnergia?
How are conflicts resolved at VerdEnergia?
Transportation and Surrounding Area
Does VerdEnergia recommend any places to stay in San Jose?
What is there to do in the surrounding area near VerdEnergia?
Are the surrounding towns safe for tourists?
How long can I legally stay in Costa Rica?
Is it easy to get on and off the farm?
How do I get to VerdEnergia?