At VerdEnergia, we employ a variety of natural building techniques to satisfy our unique needs. Waddle and Daub, Timber Frame, Cordwood, Cob, Bamboo Construction, Earthships, Earthen Floors and Shipping Container Reconstruction are just a few of the tricks and techniques we use to build our homes and structures. We value the use of non-toxic, natural materials and substances in our construction projects. As a community, VerdEnergia is committed to finding sustainable, environmentally-conscious alternatives to the harmful and wasteful practices of modern, industrial construction.

Above all, we value the innovative use of local materials. We believe in upcycling – the process of reusing waste or seemingly useless materials and converting them into products of higher quality and environmental value – as part of our permaculture practice. A good example of this seen in the structure of our Earthship, which is composed almost entirely out of old and worn-out tires. In 2012, old tires were largely burned or discarded in our surrounding community. Presented with an opportunity, VerdEnergia began collecting old tires from our area for various building projects. Now, old tires are no longer burned, but are donated – sometimes even sold – and reused in local construction projects.

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Our use of old tires in building projects helped effectively change the dialogue in our wider community about the real value of worn-out tires. We not only satisfied our need for raw building materials, we helped stop the senseless waste of useful materials and inspired others to seek creative solutions for their needs.