If you are interested in experiencing permaculture in action, living in community, and engaging with sustainability projects in a hands-on and dynamic environment, review this page and send us an application!

Available opportunities depend on seasonal needs. Short-term participation is a great experience and we encourage anyone interested to apply. We are also actively seeking motivated, long-term community members to engage in our project.

For a participant, daily life at VerdEnergia is dynamic and dependent on the season. Involvement may include farming and reforestation activities, gardening, food processing, natural construction, event hosting, hospitality and cooking.

Please keep in mind that experiences vary due to season and length of stay. The longer you participate, the more you can engage with our project.

During time off you can go for a swim in our river, pool, or waterfall, walk jungle trails, enjoy the views from one of our beautiful vistas, do yoga or dance in our studio, make art, play music, check out a local soccer game, or simply relax in a hammock with a good book from our community library.


(April – December)

The growing season is a time of quiet abundance. Expect rain, tree planting, garden nurturing, food processing (including fermentation), green building, and harvesting our year’s work. For those interested in active farming and gardening projects, please apply to participate during this part of the year.


(December – March)

During the dry season, we focus on natural construction and hosting events. There is some amount of land preparation for the growing season, but dry season participants can expect to be engaged in hospitality and building projects including cob, natural roofing, and bamboo harvesting and processing.

Of course, there is some crossover of work between the seasons; these descriptions give a general idea to help you plan your visit. Please be prepared to engage in wherever the community needs help.

Communal living is integral to our daily operations. Participants should be comfortable living and working in a community setting as well as contributing to community upkeep. As a community, we wake up together, eat meals together, take turns cooking for each other, and share in the responsibilities of keeping daily operations running smoothly. Each member of farm staff has a different job and responsibilities, but we all do our best to work together as a cohesive group.
Participation is experiential education; you are learning about permaculture and community by living in it. The most helpful, effective, and happy participants are self-motivated, interested, responsible, and accountable.


Rates and Accommodations:

We ask that everyone at the farm pay for their cost of living (food, electricity, facility and tool use, etc). This is something that even staff members pay. The rates below are based on a sliding scale: the longer you stay, the more you will contribute to the project, so the more the farm can afford to subsidize you. Because of this, we prefer to take participants for at least 3 months. We want you to see your efforts come to fruition and be sure that our engagement with you is cost-effective.


1-3 weeks = $25/day

4 weeks = $17/day



2 months = $800

3 months = $1000

4+ months = $300/month or less

It is also important for participants to understand that we do not have easy access to ATM machines to quickly withdraw cash. We are also trying to reduce our dependence upon banks and other unstable financial systems. Therefore, it is imperative that you bring cash to pay for your stay upon your arrival. VerdEnergia accepts Costa Rican colones as well as US dollars in bills no larger than $20s. We also accept silver and BitCoin.


If you are looking to participate in our project for school credit, this is something you can specify when you apply. VerdEnergia is also willing to provide post-PDC practicum periods for self-directed individuals who have completed a PDC at VerdEnergia or elsewhere. For more info check out the FAQ and send us an email.



VerdEnergia can offer a few scholarships to skilled laborers who can engage in our community long-term. If you are a skilled laborer whose trade could benefit our project (carpenter, electrician, etc.) this is something you can specify when you apply. VerdEnergia is also willing to provide post-PDC practicum periods for those who have completed a PDC at VerdEnergia or elsewhere.



VerdEnergia currently has five full-scholarship positions available for hardworking, passionate, dependable and self-motivated individuals who can commit to at least 3 months.
Scholarship positions are fully subsidized. This means that a scholarship recipient’s cost of living (food, lodging, electricity use, etc.) is completely covered by VerdEnergia. These individuals are expected to work 6-8 hours a day (depending upon the position), 5 days a week, and engage in regular community chores like cooking and cleaning during off hours. These positions are intended for individuals with strong prior experience in relevant areas who are looking to build their resume and skill sets while contributing to the greater good.
Since we do not know how or how well one might fit into our system, participants and scholarship recipients must have a trial period. Participants, especially scholarship recipients, should see their position at the farm as a job. We like to have fun, but we have serious work to do. The more you care about the work you’re doing, the more you will be able to offer, and the more you will glean from your experience.
Kitchen Manager Scholarship (8 hours a day, 5 days a week; 3 month minimum; fully subsidized)
The Kitchen Manager is responsible for overseeing the smooth flow of the kitchen, food production, and cleanliness of the main lodge area. This position is best suited for someone with strong restaurant or kitchen experience. Management experience, flexibility, and strong communication skills are a must. Responsibilities include:

  • Cooking two meals a day
  • Daily chores around the main lodge area (sweeping, organizing, sanitizing, deep cleaning, etc.)
  • Management of the community chore/cooking board
  • Management and oversight of food processing and fermentation
  • Communication with other staff members and coordinators to ensure smooth community work flow

Maintenance Person Scholarship (7 hours a day, 5 days a week; 3 month minimum; fully subsidized)
The Maintenance Person is responsible for overseeing the general maintenance of the main lodge area. This includes plumbing, electrical, light construction, wood and metal work, and landscaping. This position is best suited for someone with a background in construction and maintenance who is comfortable using a range of tools, taking direction and working independently
Veteran Watershed Protection Scholarship (6 hours a day, 5 days a week; 3 month minimum; fully subsidized)
The Watershed Protection scholarships are reserved for two US veterans who want to use their basic training in site prep to help a developing community and protect the rainforest by stopping erosion. Work will include gray water system design and implementation, swale digging and tree planting to help replenish and protect the aquifer in our area. The work is rewarding but can be strenuous with the humid climate and hot sun, so scholarship recipients should be in good physical shape.



Occasionally, VerdEnergia can accept a small amount of guests at a rate of $40/day for short periods of time. Unlike participants, guests are not expected to engage in chores or cooking.


Rates include:

    • Three square meals a day
    • Lodging (shared dormitories)
    • Jungle walking trails to rivers and streams
    • Use of the facilities:
      • Swimming pool
      • Dance/Yoga Studio
      • Community Library