Join us this season for immersive educational experiences in the Costa Rican rainforest! VerdEnergia is a multicultural and diverse community with a colorful array of political and cultural approaches, practices and philosophies. Together we are pioneering a community-based, regenerative economic model with permaculture principles acting as our guide and unifying tool. We combine theory with applied practice, enabling ourselves and others to find right livelihood through practicing permaculture.

In general, permaculture courses at other places teach theory combined with some hands-on practice, but offer few practical solutions as to how one can use permaculture to meet basic needs and produce a long-term livelihood. At Verde, permaculture is not a hobby or just a class we teach, it is our way of life. With the guidance of permaculture principles, VerdEnergia is pioneering a cooperative business and economic model to help revitalize a low-income community situated in one of the most heavily deforested areas of Costa Rica. As a result of our location and community spirit, our students gain a unique insight into the reality of permaculture as daily life and reforestation as life’s work.

Our courses are perfect for those looking for an in-depth, science-centered approach to the principles of permaculture. We combine theory with applied practice, enabling ourselves and others to find right livelihood through practicing permaculture. If you are motivated to learn practical solutions for the regeneration of the planet, acquire and sharpen design and critical thinking skills, and engage fully in a thriving permaculture community, these courses are for you!


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VerdEnergia is situated in the mountainous region of Puriscal, Costa Rica. While the Puriscal area is largely deforested, we have worked hard to reforest our corner of the neighborhood and are happily situated in a lush jungle oasis with fresh spring water, lots of fruit trees, and a few humble waterfalls. Students have full access to our facilities, including a yoga/dance studio, community library, and a spring-fed swimming pool.

Course Prices, Upgrades and Discounts

A non-refundable $300 deposit is due upon your registration (this is not an additional fee). The rest is paid upon arrival in cash.

Permaculture in Community Experience Week
Permaculture in Community Experience Week
– DEC 17 – 26, 2017
– Course starts at $700
– Teacher bios and syllabus available soon.
Permaculture Design Certification Course
Permaculture Design Certification Course
– JAN 23 – FEB 12, 2018
– Course starts at $1700
– Teacher bios and syllabus available soon.

We calculate course prices based on where you choose to stay, and what you choose to eat. A camping spot (with your own gear) and full vegetarian meals is included in the basic cost of the course. The price of beds (private and dorms) and meat with meals are additional. See below for details.

We are happy to offer a few subsidized or discounted spots to Costa Ricans and other residents of Central/South America. Please inquire here for information about discounts.

We have a range of accommodations available, including private rooms, dormitory beds, and camping spots. It is important to understand that our infrastructure is integrated with the surrounding natural environment; you will be safe and dry, but all rooms are open-air.

• Camping spot (No additional cost)
• Dorm bed (+$15/night)
• Private room (+$30/night)

We cannot supply tents or bedding for campers. Hammock space is very limited; please plan accordingly.

Each meal features farm-fresh, local ingredients, many of which are grown on the project site. This year’s menu is created by 3-star michelin-accredited chef, Vincent Wong Yeng Kong.
Chef Bio available soon.

• Vegan (No additional cost)
• Vegetarian (No additional cost)
• Farm-direct meats (+$5/day)

All of our animal products come from locally-raised, pastured animals. Students are included in cleanup shifts. Reasonable accommodation for food allergies can be made, but indicate your needs in your registration and upon arrival.

IMG_5683fresh Solstice luncheggs and sauerkraut


Regenerative Yoga Flow with Katrina Cantu

Born and raised in the hustle and bustle of Southern California, Katrina learned at an early age how to be stressed out. She left it all behind and moved to Oregon in 1997 and started studying yoga. Over the last 20 years, Katrina has traveled around the globe, absorbing the practice from many different cultures and ways of life.

Katrina’s realizations of the human condition, human suffering, and our role in it has driven her passion to make shifts into peace and happiness. This understanding is reflected in her style of teaching. Blending Hatha, Vinyasa, Kriya, Kundalini, and Sattva yoga into her classroom, Katrina caters her classes to each student to help facilitate success and restoration. She encourages all her students to find out who they truly are and to love themselves with a fierceness.

– $25/week
– Optional guided meditation every weekday morning, yoga sessions in the afternoon.
– 90 mins/session, 5 sessions/week
– All levels and body types welcome!

Please consult the information below. If you have a question that is not answered here or on the general course information page, please contact us.

What to Bring
What do I need to bring for the class?
What kind of clothes do I need to bring?
Do I need to bring my own sheets/pillow/blanket/towel?
What are some other important things I need to bring?
Can I bring any extra things to help out VerdEnergia?
What can I NOT bring?
Daily Life and Basic Needs
What will daily life be like at VerdEnergia during the course?
Where will I sleep?
What do I do about my monthly cycle?
How do I wash my clothes?
Is there hot water at the farm?
Will my computer/other device be safe at VerdEnergia?
Expectations, Community and Participation
Can I apply what I learn at your PDC to non-tropical climates?
What kind of people can take this course?
What is expected of me as a student?
What can I expect from my instructors?
Will my religion/culture/sexual orientation/gender identity be accepted at VerdEnergia?
What is the surrounding community like outside VerdEnergia?
I am a student at a University. Can my PDC at VerdEnergia count for school credit?
Financial Information
Do I qualify for a discount or scholarship?
If I decide not to take the PDC and I have already paid, can I get my deposit back?
How much spending money should I bring?
Transportation and Surrounding Area
When should I plan on coming for the course?
How do I get to VerdEnergia?
Is it easy to get on and off the farm?
Food and Allergies
Will I be well-fed at the finca? What kind of food do you eat?
I have a food allergy! Will I have acceptable food to eat?
What do I do about snacks?